The Tina McIntyre Funeral, Coronation Street.


Next week will once again see many viewers drawn to yet another soap opera funeral, this time as the street bids farewell to one of its younger characters, Tina McIntyre, we will yet again see a cortege roll down its famous cobbles.

The representation of the funeral will be a side issue for those in the profession, but the real question which people should be asking is how does a part time bar maid working only a few shifts a week in a local pub, whom has no family of which to speak, and who only last week couldn’t afford a train fare to Portsmouth leave enough behind financially to pay for a funeral?

Unfortunately its becoming all too easy for us as funeral directors to answer, she can’t. Irrespective of whether or not Tina McIntyre was a fictional character, funeral costs are all too real.

That’s why R Banks & Son Funeral Directors in Wigan offer pre payment funerals, allowing people to set aside a guaranteed balance to help with funeral costs when they come to pass.

Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses and a funeral prepayment plan is a caring, sensible and cost effective way to do so

“Most of us as we get older; expect to provide the money to meet our funeral expenses. It’s to do with independence and responsibility: leaving everything in order for our relatives and friends. We don’t often talk about it – because there’s no need to- but the fact is that funerals cost money, and we want to take care of the cost.”

The advantage of a pre payment plan over a savings account or life insurance policy is that you can pay now at today’s price and beat inflation no matter when the service might be required. The funeral directors fees will be paid when the funeral has been provided. Funeral prepayment plans are provided by Funeral Planning services in association with a network of independent family owned funeral directors throughout the UK. Funeral prepayments are held in funeral planning trust and are monitored by the funeral planning authority

-The advantages of prepayment funeral plans:

-You can choose your own funeral arrangements for peace of mind

-You save your family from having to make a difficult decision and trying to guess what you would have wanted

-Avoid rising funeral costs with an inflation proof guarantee of the funeral directors costs

-Financial security – the funeral payment is held in funeral planning trust until it is needed

-The service will be provided by your local funeral director

-There is no age limit and no awkward health questions

-You can make a once only payment or pay by monthly instalments, whichever suits you best

-All enquires and arrangements are treated with the strictest of confidence

-Complies with the funeral planning authority code and the financial services and markets act 2000

Do you have any questions relating to prepayment funeral plans? Then please do not hesitate to contact Carina Halliwell now on 01942 222156 or click here to email her

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