R Banks & Son Funerals Ltd & Monumental masons supplying high quality affordable gravestones in Tyldesley.

R Banks & Son Funerals Ltd has long been established as the largest independent funeral directors and gravestone suppliers in Tyldesley. Recently our approach in how we supply our monuments & gravestones has been overhauled, due to the rising number of granite quarries, and the choice available on today’s market, we have been able to source the same high quality stones at a better price to suit our families, now with 0% finance available to help people afford a truly fitting monument for their loved one.

Though in the most part gravestones are a traditional design, we believe that a monument should be as individual as the person who has come to pass, and with recent developments in technology, and the processes in which we use to create these stones we can now offer some truly stunning pieces, and have recently stocked the “Evermore” collection, which have some unique designs now available at R Banks & Son Funeral Directors in Tyldesley.

Another new development at R Banks is the additional laser engraving service, which is the latest development in the memorial industry, and offers some wonderful opportunities to place a lifelong truly bespoke design to your stones, whether it’s a reproduction of a photograph of your loved one, a crest of their favourite sports team, or lyrics from their favourite song, we can make it happen.

Whether you’re looking for any type of gravestone, be it a full headstone, small urn, or a personal touch to brighten an existing grave, then R Banks & Son Funerals can supply you with the most personal tailored service to help guide you through the process.


Call our dedicated team now on 01942 222156 or alternatively email us info@rbanksandson.co.uk


Gareth Jones

R Banks & Son Funeral Directors in Tyldesley


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